Jeffrey Wright

I am on the lookout for stories about teachers and coaches.
In February I start the Sport Coaching Pedagogy unit at the University of Canberra and am keen to exemplify what I think an expert pedagogue to be.
Today, John Kessel led me to Jeffrey Wright.
The New York Times has an 11m 54s video about Jeffrey. You can find it here. (It had 50,000 views whilst I was writing this post taking it to 648,083 views in total.)
I am delighted that Jeffrey uses explosions and extols the virtues of love. I think both are vital components of expert pedagogy.
Amongst the many stories about Jeffrey, I liked:
Tara Parker-Hope’s New York Time article
The Insider Louisville
If you were looking for a story to start 2013 I think Jeffrey is a perfect choice.
Picture Credit
Frame grab Wright’s Law (1m 26s)


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