1. Thanks for the update Keith and daily wrap. May I suggest something which would be very useful for me and possibly others whose time right now is very limited to participate as we would like? Could you create a table of contributors names with the title of their contributions/area of interest with the latter actually a hotlink? For example, I am interested to learn about Augmented Reality and would like to come back to the conversation. Secondly, this event has been so good is it possible to create an ongoing open learning opportunity into the future? From all feedback I am getting, Qualitative/Analytics are the future – with predictions that Quantitative will be out of fashion within 2 years. My Best. Assoc Professor Tony Charge

    • Thanks for your comment, Tony. I will follow up on your suggestions. For AR you might want to contact Danny Munnerley (@munnerley on Twitter). He would be delighted to hear from you.

      • Fantastic Keith, much appreciated. Will contact Danny. I have discovered a major sport is trying to improve part of the Decision-Making cognitive process by adding theoretical knowledge – it is one of the three partsof the process which cannot be thus improved. Unsure how to progress our conversation on this? DM offers to me as the biggest single Qualitative issue we should be addressing. My Best. Tony


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