#OAPS101: Two Weeks at the SOOC

We are about to start week three of the small open online course (SOOC) Observing and Analysing Performance.
We started with 279 enrollments on the eve of the course and at the end of Day 14 we had 420 enrolled.
I have been writing daily wraps for the course. They can be found here. I have found it remarkable that for each day’s wrap, by the time I had completed writing we had new enrollments.
My aim has been to provide a summary of activity during the day for very busy performance analysts. I have started to add some additional discussion points too.
My experience of the course has been one of fascination. I have really enjoyed the pathways participants have taken through this non-linear course. I have been delighted that there is a willingness to share and explore ideas.
We have four groups of Module facilitators. Each of whom has engaged with participants during the first two weeks. Information about the facilitators can be found in this Welcome post. All activities have been overseen by Adam Brimo at OpenLearning.
We have had lots of discussions about Observing Performance. There was some exciting discussions about Augmented Reality in the first week.
Our experiment with Open Badges is on-going. I see one of my roles as being an advocate for these badges. Adam Brimo has made Karma Open Badges available. These Karma Badges recognise contributions to discussion forums.
I am looking forward to week three in the course. My colleagues, Darrell Cobner and Adam Cullinane, at Cardiff Met facilitate discussions overnight Australia time. Here in Australia Mark Upton has worked with me during European night time.

Photo Credit
Banksy? (Markus Trapp, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


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