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My thinking about learning and teaching was transformed by the CCK08 open online course.
In the last four years I have followed with great interest the work of the facilitators of the course and the Class of 2008.
I have registered for CFHE12 (Current/Future State of Higher Education) that has started this week. There are many familiar co-participants and I am keen to learn how they are thinking about and practicing change in higher education.
Week 1 (Change Drivers in Higher Education) is underway and I received my first Edfuture Newsletter today.
I liked the suggestions about how to participate in the course, including:

The course design reflects diverse learning needs. Some participants prefer a structured path through content and are mainly interested in reviewing weekly readings and possibly engaging in discussions around those readings.
Others will prefer to engage with the course on their terms and in their existing spaces (blog, Tumblr, Facebook). These participants often prefer to augment course readings with additional resources and move conversation into many different areas.

CCK08 was a very intense experience for me. I am hopeful that the experience of that intensity will help me engage in a different kind of way with CFHE12. I am clear that my guides and fellow travellers have remarkable insights to share.
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