Medal trends at the London 2012 Games to Day 11

I have been monitoring medal success at the London 2012 Games.
My interest is in patterns of behaviour rather than national chauvinism.
I am fascinated by prognostics and how they can be refined.
I have looked at the ten nations winning the most cumulative medals at the Games.
These are theĀ data I have used for the charts in this post.
At these Games at the end of Day 11:

By medal type:


  1. Here in the Uk there is much debate so to the contributions of the County of Yorkshire. Several daily papers report that if it were an Independant country it would currently lie 110th in the medals table!
    Also attracting some discussions is the relationship between medals and GDP. if you need to sit (Row, cycle, sail or ride a horse)’ most of the developing world doesn’t stand a chance. It’s only when it comes to individual effort (track and martial arts) are they in with a chance.
    From a coaching angle, it’s interesting that so many sports need to rely on Australian coaching. It wan’t until Bill Sweetman got involved that British swimming started to produce medal winning performances,
    In netball it was the arrival of Sue Hawkins who developed a sense of self-belief in the England squad.
    Mo Farrah has been training in the USA; although he’s good at the running, it’s his finishing that was letting him down. A gold would suggest that his US coaching has paid dividends.
    Coaching has also been an issue in respect of the support being offed by different sports. Jessica Ennis has been protected by the AAA but Becky Aldington has had quite public spats with the ASA over her commitment to training.
    Clearly coaching continues to play as much a part of modern olympics as goes technology.

    • A world system of sport! I have enjoyed some of the #London2012 tweets about Yorkshire.
      I went to University in York so am keen to endorse a free Yorkshire!


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