Predictions for Total Medals Won at London 2012

The Herald Sun has been using Infostrada data since March 2012 for its Virtual Medal Predictor for London 2012.
The pattern for total medal predictions at London from the data used by the Herald Sun is:

Last month I wrote about two other sets of predictions for total medals won.
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) published its Olympic Medals Paper, Modelling Olympic Performance Economic briefing paper.

Dan Johnson published his predictions for London in March this year.

It will be interesting to compare the relative predictive merits of these data. In particular it will be fascinating to watch any momentum developed by the host nation, Great Britain.


  1. OK, I’ll go on the line with my predictions for medals:
    China 105
    US 95
    Britain 65
    Russia 55
    Germany 48
    Australia 45
    Japan 38
    France 35
    Italy 30
    Korea 25
    Netherlands 22
    Canada 20
    Kenya 17


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