Analysing and Visualising Lawn Tennis Performance

The All England Club and IBM have announced their 2012 web service for the Wimbledon Championships.
The Championships’ website is built on IBM’s SmartCloud infrastructure. It integrates a new online broadcast channel, and an interactive analytics-enabled IBM SlamTracker scoreboard. This scoreboard uses predictive analytics technology.  It will use historical and real-time data. There will be a ‘Momentum’ capability that will “map a match in real-time, visualizing key turning points and their causes.”
The announcement reports that there will be “a ‘Keys to the Match’ feature within SlamTracker that aims to determine the top three things a player must do in order to do well in a specific match”.
At the 2011 Championships there was a pilot of player movement tracking system. This year this SecondSight will be used on Centre Court.
Hat Tip

Darrell Cobner alerted me to this Guardian post about the IBM system in use at Wimbledon after reading my post.
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