A Small (Augmented) World

Each Saturday morning we have a family visit to Dojo Bakery in Braidwood.
In the lane on the way to Dojo we usually see Bronwyn and Helen.
This morning I found Helen using Augmented Reality to share information about a Wynlen House course.
Helen was using this picture to link to augmented reality resources

She was scanning the picture with her iPad and sharing a video story with visitors to her stall:

The small world?
Helen was practicing skills she had learned at an augmented reality camp facilititated by Danny Munnerley and Rob Fitzgerald at the University of Canberra in the InSPIRE Centre. Helen is using Aurasma as her augmented reality application.
The Camp was a two day event. The themes for the camp were Hijack, Confront, Promote, Inspire, Inform and Annotate. Campers:

  • gained a general awareness of the AR environments
  • developed practical skills in building AR
  • designed learning opportunities for their own use
  • worked collaboratively to develop ideas for AR in education
  • shared ideas and learned from each other
  • built a relationship with the ARstudio to further develop ideas
  • had fun and listened to cool music whilst they worked

I was delighted to see Helen’s innovative use of the skills she had acquired at the Camp. She exemplified for me the benefits of ubiquity and the layering of information.
I have been using Daqri as my augmented reality application. When I upgrade my phone I will be using Aurasma too.


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