#SCP12: Oracy and Creativity

I look forward to Fridays.
it is the day I meet students in the Sport Coaching Pedagogy unit at the University of Canberra.
This week our tutorials explored ideas linked to oracy and creativity. My presentation in the lecture was on Produsing Resources.
The day coincided with the submission of online presentations as part of the unit’s assessment.
I think we had lots to talk about and the Slideshow gives a feel for some of the tutorial activities in the beautiful InSPIRE Building 25 on the University of Canberra campus.
As we were working through some ideas, far away (but conversely very near) Stephen Downes was making a point in his talk (Slide 20) in Tallinn, Estonia, about aggregating, remixing, repurposing, and feeding forward.
Almost synchronously Alan Levine was posting about web thinking. Alan shared his thoughts about how web users become web thinkers and web makers after listening to Jon Udell.
To cap a rich day of connections my son Sam shared with me a link to Andrew Grauer’s post on Course Hero developments. Andrew and his colleagues have developed free online courses. He points out:

To create these courses, we scoured the web for the best freely available educational content in all formats, whether videos, papers, articles, or webpages. We then broke the content down into digestible clips and reassembled the pieces into navigable learning paths. We layered in interactive quizzes and added badges, points and levels at different progress checkpoints.  This decentralization and gamification allowed us to create a scalable learning solution that is both high quality and engaging.

Quite a Friday!


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