#SCP12: Sharing and Presenting Information

We are into Week 7 in the Sport Coaching Pedagogy unit at the University of Canberra.
In this week’s presentation I want to link with last week’s themes of assessing and mentoring.
I think the conversations about Ian Thorpe this week have raised many of the issues we discussed last week. This is an example of some on the reporting (my emphasis in bold):

There have been critics of my decision to leave Australia and base myself in Switzerland and Dubai. Let me say once and for all, it was the right call and I would make the same decision again.
The support of national head coach Leigh Nugent has been incredible.
My coach Gennadi Touretski has come into my life at the best time and I’m fortunate to have such an astute coach and mentor in my corner. He’s an incredibly interesting guy who has introduced new ideas into my training and while it’s been tough, I’ve had a lot of fun.
My family have been incredibly supportive and they’ll be there in the grandstands in Adelaide cheering me on. I miss them enormously when I’m away, so to be able to compete in front of mum and dad will be a thrill.

I am going to share a video too. My aim is to connect our discussions about observation and assessment.

I have a SlideCast for this week:
[slideshare id=12107500&doc=sharingandpresentinginformation-120321171603-phpapp01]
and it contains a link to this SlideShow from 2007:
[slideshare id=1649540&doc=connectingsharinggrowing-090627182931-phpapp02]
I hope to conclude this week’s presentation with mention of Michael Bohl and the St Peters Western Club. I think this story from Adelaide encapsulates many of the issues important to us in this unit.
After this week in SCP12 we have a two week break.
Photo Credit
Fritzi Scheff demonstrating Magnavox for Fifth Liberty Loan in New York City, 1895


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