Inside the Box, On the Bench

By chance I saw a copy on Monday’s Daily Telegraph.
Page 56 reported on Neil Cordy’s day in the Coaches’ Box at a Greater Western Sydney game against Hawthorn.
Neil’s story was illustrated with two pictures that identified the off-field support for on-field performance.
Photograph 1 showed the people on the Bench

  1. GPS analyst Nick Walsh
  2. Sports scientist John Quinn
  3. Physiotherapist Leroy Lobo
  4. Dr Tom Gan
  5. Player Nick Hayes
  6. Head trainer John McEniry
  7. Physiotherapist Tim Parham
  8. Runner two Lachlan Wilmot
  9. Development coach Brett Hand.

Photograph 2 was of staff in the Coaches’ Box

These two pictures encouraged me to think further about:

as central issues for high performance environments. These thoughts are very timely in a week when I am preparing a proposal for an athlete management system. RFP Athlete Management System
Photo Credits
Ross Marsden, Daily Telegraph


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