Developing an E-Portfolio

I missed out on the the EpCop MOOC last year.
I did sign up for it but failed to make any of the synchronous presentations or conversations.
However since then I have returned regularly to look at the great resources available. The EpCop site will be a perfect reference site for participants in the Sport Coaching Pedagogy unit I am running this semester at the University of Canberra.
Participants in the Sport Coaching Pedagogy unit will develop an e-portfolio as part of their practice and assessment. I have been looking at ways to support their e-portfolio awareness and development.
It has been interesting to see the number of Scoop.It sites that have appeared and share e-portfolio news. These include:

After looking at all these sources I was delighted to find Sarah Stewart’s discussions of e-portfolio thoughts and actions. I really admire Sarah’s ability to share ideas and practices. Her e-portfolio posts are a great resource and one that I will use with Sport Coaching Pedagogy students.
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  1. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 {;ease let me know how you get on with your students and eportfolio …I am involved with lots of discussions about eportfolio at work so always keen to hear what others are up to.


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