I have been very impressed by the development of the ABC website in recent years.
I think the podcast service available since 2007 has been outstanding. I have even contemplated getting into bed with Phillip Adams.
More recently I think The Conversation has added a new dimension to sharing news about Australia’s university and research sector.

This week I was directed to Australian Collaboration through a Diigo Teacher-Librarian alert.

I am fascinated by the possibilities of open sharing and am thinking about a portal to share information to support lifelong learning. I believe that the ABC, The Conversation and The Australian Collaboration sites have set a standard for what such a portal could be.
I liked this slide from Krish Krishnan’s Webinar on Integrating Big Data this week as a check to my idealism:

Like Krish I can we have some interesting opportunities ahead to put things together:

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Playing with Legos at SXSW 2007



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