Vale Frank Pyke

This week I learned with great sadness of the death of Frank Pyke.
There have been some wonderful tributes to Frank in the last few days. I thought Ron Head’s tribute was particularly special.
I add mine here as someone who admired Frank immensely. Our paths crossed many times often without Frank knowing!
My first contact was reading his book (co-authored with Ross Smith) Football the Scientific Way at the start of my academic career. Years later I was delighted to meet Frank and talk about the impact the book had on my development.
When I came to Australia in 2002 Frank was one of the first Directors of a State Institute of Sport I met. I was fascinated by his insights and knowledge and relished the opportunity to discuss Australian sport with him.
My current role at the University of Canberra owes a debt of gratitude too. Frank was the first Director of Sport Studies at the University of Canberra (1981). I believe that many of his founding ideas are still embedded in our everyday practice particularly as we aspire to be an Athlete Friendly University and promote success in life and sport.
Vale Frank.
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Frank Pyke


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