An Afternoon at the HCCL Workshop

The Human-Centred Computing Laboratory (HCC Lab) at the University of Canberra held a workshop to coincide with the launch the Lab today.
I was able to attend the afternoon’s session. (A post about the whole day can be found here.)
Michael Breakspear was the second keynote of the day and he spoke about Quantitative assessment in psychiatry using embedding technologies.
Michael discussed affective assessment and active appearance models. (A link to some of Michael’s publications.) Michael developed his talk with a discussion of brain imaging in his work (including diffusion imaging, graph theory and small-world networks).
Michael concluded his talk with a discussion of embedded technologies (including Albert-László Barabási’s work).
Other presenters in the afternoon session were:
Roland Goecke (facial expression), Girija Chetty (information fusion), Tania Churchill (training adaptation in sport) and me (sport information and informatics).
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Small world network


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