Goal-Line Technology: AFL Update

I have been keeping an eye on discussions about goal-line technology in football.
Today the Australian Rules variant of football considered video technology to assist umpires.
In a report on the AFL website, the AFL’s chief operating officer, Gillon McLachlan, noted that video technology to aid umpires will be discussed at a meeting in November.
The AFL website reports that :

  • McLachlan said he was a fan of the idea but admitted it would be complex to implement an effective system, with the League debating the benefits of having an official in the grandstand with access to broadcast replays.
  • “He can talk to the umpires in real time, so he will see the first replay and if there’s something to look at he can tell them to stop and not make a decision or give them very quick feedback.”
  • “The trouble with that is there may be a ball that hits the post that is not captured in the produced vision that people see. But then the producer might find something after the play has moved on, which has the potential to embarrass you further if you’ve got a decision declared legal in the first pass, but then a camera angle finds it a wrong decision.”

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Goal Umpire Paying Close Attention



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