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This week’s Cloud capture includes:
IBM’s Service at Wimbledon Tennis (1 July) and a case study of IBM’s involvement WIM2009_Case_Study.
SiteTrail (1 July):
SiteTrail is out to change the way people read social media and tech news online. SiteTrail provides a unique experience to its users that enables them to subscribe to or “trail” website specific news content that is categorized by the site’s domain name. This trail feature allows users (“trailers”) to easily create an aggregated news stream of only the sites that they find interesting and filter out ones that are unexciting.
Working Smarter eFieldbook (1 July) Charles Jennings, Harold Jarche,
Clark Quinn, Jane Hart and Jay Cross.
… The infrastructure for working smarter is called a workscape. It’s not a separate function so much as another way of looking at how we organize work. It’s the platform where learning and work transpire. It’s an organization’s learning ecosystem. Workscaping helps people grow so that their organizations may prosper. Workscapes are pervasive. They are certainly not lodged in a training department. In fact, they may make the training department obsolete.
A remarkable social media site Socialbrite via Stephen Downes (2 July)

Helena Jubany’s post on The Social Responsibility of Architects (2 July).
… most of us would agree that two goals of sustainable design are to eliminate or minimize negative environmental impact of the built environment and to connect people with the natural environment.
World Planning Schools Congress, Perth (2 July) to be held 4-8 July (program).
Kathy Schrock (3 July) Infographics as a Creative Assessment.
This site will provide you with links, ideas, tips, and much more for supporting the use of infographics as an assessment option in the classroom.
Emedia 2011 (3 July) on Scoop.It (via George Siemens).
Pearltrees, P2PU, Github (3 July)
100 Essential Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers (3 July)
There are new web 2.0 tools appearing every day. Although some of these tools were not originally meant for use in the classroom, they can be extremely effective learning tools for today’s technology geared students and their venturesome teachers. Many of these teachers are searching for the latest products and technologies to help them find easier and efficient ways to create productive learning in their students. More and more teachers are using blogs, podcasts and wikis, as another approach to teaching. We have created a list of 100 tools we think will encourage interactivity and engagement, motivate and empower your students, and create differentiation in their learning process.
Stanford University (4 July) developing resources to support student learning.
A great set of posts and links in OLDaily (5 July).


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