Dagstuhl: Day 1 Session 1

The Computer Science in Sport Conference (Special Emphasis:Football) started at Schloss Dagstuhl this morning.
Martin Lames is coordinating the Conference.
There is a list of participants here.
The first session was an introduction to Dagstuhl and to the Conference program.
Themes of the Conference include:

All these will take place in the context of the wonderful social environment of Dagstuhl and a number of unmeetings.
(A note about unmeetings (via Jay Cross):
New approaches create meetings that people enjoy, often organized in scant time, at minimal cost. Unconferences are characterized by:

  • No keynote speaker or designated expert
  • Breakthrough thinking born of diversity
  • Having fun dealing with serious subjects
  • Emergent self-organization
  • Genuine community, intimacy and respect)


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