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From the Cloud this week:
Chris Mooney’s discussion of The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science (24 June) which at the time I read it had attracted 954 comments. I found Chris’s post from a lead in Chris Turner’s In the persuasion game beware of the backfire effect. The link to Chris Turner’s post came from a colleague on Yammer discussing emotional intelligence. “A MAN WITH A CONVICTION is a hard man to change. Tell him you disagree and he turns away. Show him facts or figures and he questions your sources. Appeal to logic and he fails to see your point.” (Leo Festinger, 1954)
Lisa Nielsen‘s post Study Groups without Walls (25 June) (via Stephen Downes) and whilst browsing her recent posts noted her discussion of hashtags (first posted 22 May).
Jenny Mackness’s discussion of The Rhetoric of Openness (25 June).
Audioboo (25 June),, Pushnote, Videola(27 June) (30 June)

News of a research project between the NSW Rugby League and Westmead Children’s Hospital to investgate weight and age issues in Under 12 rugby league (25 June).
Governance as Stewardship (26 June) 08-11 shared by John Mak.
SportsFilter is a community weblog founded in 2002 where anyone can contribute a sports-related link and participate in discussions. The range of topics covers anything in the world of sports, from football, baseball, soccer, and the Olympics to sports personalities, culture and the impact of sports on society.(The idea to create SportsFilter was sparked by jacknose, who recruited six others — (justgary, kirkaracha, lescour, msacheson, owillis, and rcade) — with the goal of creating the first community weblog for sports fans. The seven founders developed the site with the programming and advice of MetaFilter publisher Matt Haughey.) (26 June)
The Social Media Revolution -2011 Update (27 June).
The IOC has published Social Media, Blogging and Internet Guidelines for those participating in the 2012 London Games (28 June). IOC_Social_Media_Blogging_and_Internet_Guidelines-London
29 June Visualising a Zettabyte.
Gerry White (30 June) notes that a “research report by Futurelab in the UK about ‘the connections and discontinuities between children’s digital literacy practices at home and in school‘ analyses the information provided by teachers and students in two primary and two secondary schools. The report titled Connecting digital literacy between home and school provides four very rich case studies describing the views of teachers towards the use of ICT in the curriculum and student practices using ICT”.
30 June I revisited Bryan Rieger’s Slideshare Rethinking the Mobile Web and discovered Beyond the mobile web.


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