IASI 2011: Afternoon Session Day 1

Li Guihua of the China Sport Information Centre, Beijing, presented the first talk of the afternoon. Her paper was titled Sport scientific information services for coaches and scientists in Chinese elite sport.
Li’s presentation can be found at liguihua_2003.
Li outlined the range of services available in China through the Sport Information Centre including:

  • Sport Information Research
  • Administration of E Sports in China
  • Development and Application of Information
  • IT support to Multi-Sport Events

The second presentation of the day was by Christoph Dolch of the Trainerakademie, Koln. Christoph talked about Trainerakademie Koln’s Learning Platform. Christoph introduced his course with a discussion of reflective practice. He presented information about the Coaching Diploma.
Christoph has a lead responsibility for new media at the Trainerakademie. His talk was a very impressive account of personal, connected learning.
Christoph outlined the Trainer-im-Leistungssport.de platform that is in use and discussed:

  • Learning Management
  • Knowledge Library
  • Asynchronous Communication
  • Synchronous Communication
  • E-Portfolio

Christoph discussed how the course combines practice in the field with personal learning environments (enriched by RSS). He noted that 1200 Alumni are involved too.
His Prezi presentation was a delightful stimulus to the conversation with delegates that followed.
Hartmut Sandner followed Christoph’s presentation with his discussion of The Development of Push Services for Coaches and Scientists in Elite Sport.
His presentation is here.
It was an excellent, thought-provoking way to end a full day of discussion.


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