Medal Predictions: 2012 Olympic Games

In February the Australian Olympic Committee published its medal predictions for the London Olympic Games.
The predictions were based on data from 2010.
In March USA Today published its medal tracker for London.
Its tracker projects the winners in each medal event for the 2012 London Olympics, based on an algorithm that monitors athletes’ performances leading up to the Games. The table is update once a month.
The April 2011 update is:

The USA Today Tracker uses data from Infostrada Sports and points out that the Tracker “is a measure of best current performances rather than a reliable predictor of medal winners”.
Infostrada Sports has a number of statistical packages to offer clients. One of them, Podium Manager, contains data on more than 200,000 athletes over 100 years of sports history and has a detailed focus on the last Olympic cycle. Infostrada Sports provides data on all 302 Olympic disciplines. Its mission is to “create explicit value by delivering sports data and SPORTS INTELLIGENCE to triple A clients on global sports, digitally, anywhere, anytime, on any platform, in any language, as it happens, up-to-date all the time”.
The USA Today Tracker offers viewers the option of rank by country or sport. This is an example of the April 2011 rank for the Men’s Individual Time Trial:

For other blog posts about medal predictions and projections for London, please use this link.
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