Trans-Media Pedagogy: The Lecture

Stephen Downes gave me a great lead this week to a Norm Friesen post, The Lecture as a Trans-Medial Pedagogical Form.
Norm’s post sent me off thinking about etymology and the meanings attached to ‘lecture‘. It took me back to my Latin classes, the act of reading and the verb to read ‘legere‘.
It took me off to the idea of a lecture as ‘mediation‘ too.
The skills Norm identifies in his talk exemplify mediation to me and underscore scholarship.

The Web, which brings together multiple media with new and established forms and genres, presents fertile grounds for the continuation and revitalization of the lecture as a dominant pedagogical form.

I like the idea of a revitalised genre and in my own work have been thinking about ‘skin in the game‘ synchronous meetings with an audience that draws upon media shared in advance, available during the meeting and transformed afterwards as a dynamic resource to support ‘teachable moments‘. Last month I tried this approach with a post on Communication, Social Media and the Coach.
I think ‘skin in the game‘ lectures invite participants to prepare for the sharing of ideas and help with their exploration. They are invitations rather than trials by ordeals. I think they invite investment in learning. I believe these events are the home ranges of expert pedagogues.
Like Stephen I enjoyed this slide in Norm’s presentation:

I liked too this slide:

Which in turn encouraged me to think about effort and flow in the performance of an event or events.


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