I have been thinking about open language and practice after my post yesterday.
A friend reminded me by email about Kevin Kelly’s six verbs and a short time later I received a link to Kent Anderson’s post on blogging and respect.
Kent’s post introduced me to Michael Bhasker‘s writing on blogging including the line “Bracketing the arguments about noise to signal ratios, self indulgence and wild proliferation blogging is now a fact of the written word as much as letters, novels, newspapers and emails.”
On reading the comments on Kent’s post I found Maxine’s Petrona Blog and had some time to look at her post Start the e-revolution without me! Now that I have found her blog I hope to follow her writing.
I feel very relaxed about snowball sampling and think that a strength of blogging is the connections we can make out of our interest and value relevance. I am very optimistic about the opportunities that blogging can provide … particularly in its slow form.
I see the growth of a language of open practice as evidence of the respect trusted bloggers have for each other. I think the serendipity of discovery is a wonderful part of this practice.


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