Wireless Experience

I have been thinking about wireless systems this week.
At the weekend I was in Tasmania using a wireless Internet connection that gave me access to email in a remote part of the state. There was latency and drop out but I was miles from anywhere delighted to have any connectivity!
On Monday I refereed a journal article on ubiquitous computing and later in the day was involved in a discussion with colleagues about ICT support for open learning spaces.
On Tuesday I followed up a link to Anthony Lincoln’s (2011) paper FYI: TMI: Toward a holistic social theory of information overload and a lead to Anders Olof Larsson and Stefan Hrastinski’s (2011) paper Blogs and blogging: Current trends and future directions.
Whenever I write or say the word ‘wireless’ I am taken back to my early childhood and the description of the radio as a wireless.
Radio National has stimulated my thoughts this week. The catalyst for writing was a recording of Bill Davidow’s discussion of Internet overload. The impetus was a most delightful interview with Annie Proulx about Bird Cloud.
Ramona Koval interviewed Annie Proulx at the Perth Writers’ Festival. It was a busy event for Ramona. She was involved in a discussion with Phillip Adams about about “some of literature’s most fascinating minds” and contemplated why “we want to hear from the writers we love and what it is that compels us to find out more about their lives and ideas.” Phillip spoke about this experience on his own Radio National program, Late Night Live.
So the week has been a wonderful convergence around different forms of wireless, our connections to information and experiences. If you do have an opportunity I recommend that you listen to:

You might find it interesting to listen to a recording of Bill Davidow’s discussion of. Internet overload and read Anthony Lincoln’s (2011) paper.
If you had time you might like to listen to a piece by Laura Tingle that brings together lots of connections, wireless and other, in her discussion of Martin Parkinson.
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