Frogblog: Frogs on the Move (1)

Darcy is in isolation at The Children’s Hospital. He has a blog (Frogblog) to pass his time there.
Some Background
From Darcy’s blog:

Why frogs? Well, why not. If you want to make a frog you can find instructions at: If frogs are beyond you, you can also give blood. Details of how available from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

What Can Origami Frogs Get Up To?
We have two origami frogs so this is our entry into Frogblogging.
Our frogs travelled from Mongarlowe to Melbourne on 24 January. Here are some pictures from the journey:

Ready to go!

Ordering a drink at Canberra Airport

Waiting for in-flight service

Safely in the hotel room in Melbourne … and checking out the views.




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