Performance at the 2011 Asian Cup: Knockout Games


The Asian Football Cup 2010 in Qatar has been completed. Japan won the Tournament.
The teams that qualified for the Knockout Stage were:
Uzbekistan (winner Group A) (current FIFA ranking 109)
Qatar (runner up Group A) (current FIFA ranking 114)
Japan (winner Group B) (current FIFA ranking 29)
Jordan (runner up Group B) (current FIFA ranking 104)
Australia (winner Group C) (current FIFA 26)
South Korea (runner up Group C) (current FIFA ranking 40)
Iran (winner Group D) (current FIFA ranking 66)
Iraq (runner up Group D) (current FIFA ranking 101)

Goals Scored

26 goals were scored in 8 Knockout games.
The team that scored first won 6 games, drew 1 game and lost 1 game. Note: the Semi-Final game between Japan and South Korea ended in a 1-1 draw at Full-Time and a 2-2 draw at the end of Extra Time. The Final between Australia and Japan ended in a 0-0 draw at Full-Time. Japan scored the first and only goal in Extra Time.

One of the Knockout Games was decided by penalties. Japan defeated South Korea 3-0 in the penalty shoot out. Japan scored the first penalty and won the game.

Qatar scored first against Japan and lost.
Goal Scorers
5 Kewell (Australia v Uzbekistan)
13 Suria (Qatar v Japan)
17 Cheol (South Korea v Uzbekistan)
23 Sung Yong (South Korea v Japan)
29 Dong Won (South Korea v Uzbekistan)
29 Kagawa (Japan v Qatar)
34 Ognenvoski (Australia v Uzbekistan)
36 Maeda (Japan v South Korea)
39 Dong Won (South Korea v Uzbekistan)
45 Geynrikh (Uzbekistan v South Korea)
46 Bakaev (Uzbekistan v Jordan)
49 Bakaev (Uzbekistan v Jordan)
53 Geynrikh (Uzbekistan v South Korea)
58 Bani Yaseen (Jordan v Uzbekistan)
63 Fabio Cesar (Qatar v Japan)
65 Carney (Australia v Uzbekistan)
71 Kagawa (Japan v Qatar)
74 Emerton (Australia v Uzbekistan)
82 Valeri (Australia v Uzbekistan)
83 Kruse (Australia v Uzbekistan)
89 Inoha (Japan v Qatar)
97 Hosogai (Japan v South Korea)
105 Bit Ga Ram (South Korea v Iran)
113 Lee (Japan v Australia)
117 Kewell (Australia v Iraq)
120 Jae Won (South Korea v Japan)
Asia Cup Matchcasts use a 0-90 minute running clock for goal times. I have used these times to allocate the goals scored into four quarters of the Knockout games (notionally 0-22, 23-45 (end of first half), 46-68, 69-90 (end of second half)). Extra Time is played in Knockout games if the game is tied at the end of the normal time (90 minutes). There are two halves of fifteen minutes of extra time (91-105, 106-120).

Performance Against FIFA Ranking

The higher FIFA ranked team won 6 games and lost 2 games (8 games played)
Jordan (104) lost to Uzbekistan (109)
Australia (26) lost to Japan (29)
The lower FIFA ranked team won 2 games and lost 6 games (8 games played)
Uzbekistan (109) defeated Jordan (104)
Japan (29) defeated Australia (26)


Referees who officiated in the Knockout Stage were:
Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh (MAS) Japan v Qatar (5 goals)
Abdul Malik (SIN) Uzbekistan v Jordan (3 goals), Uzbekistan v South Korea (5 goals)
Abdulrahman Mohammed (QAT) Australia v Iraq (1 goal)
Ravshan Irmatov (UZB) Iran v South Korea (1 goal), Australia v Japan (1 goal)
Khalil Al Ghamdi (KSA) Japan v South Korea (4 goals and penalty shoot out)
Ali Al Badwawi (UAE) Uzbekistan v Australia (6 goals)
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