Blogging 2010: Celebrating and Recognising Reciprocal Altruism

I was fascinated to read about this year’s nominations for the Edublog Awards.
There are thirty-one nominations for the Individual Edublog Award.
Always Learning
An A-Z of ELT
Cool Cat Teacher
Dangerously Irrelevant
Educational Origami
Free Technology for Teacher
Kevin’s Meandering Mind
iLearn Technology
Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom
Jane’s eLearning Pick of the Day
Kalinago English
Kirsten Winkler
Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day
Learning with ‘e’s
Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Never Ending Search
Not So Distant Future
Pair-a-Dimes for your Thoughts
School Finance 101
Science Teacher
Speech-Language Pathology Sharing
Spencer’s Scratchpad
Teacher Reboot Camp
The Innovative Educator
The Principal’s Page
Think Thank Thunk
What Ed Said

There are thirty-four nominations for the Best New Edublog Award.
About A Teacher
bcnpaul1′s blog
Be Cunning and Full of Tricks
Blogging through the Fourth Dimension
Box of Chocolates
Connected Principals
Culture of Yes
Digital Dervish
Educating Grace
Eliterate Librarian
Emma Herrod
Experts and Newbies
Hack Education
Language Garden
Libraries and Transliteracy
New City Arts
Michelle’s Musings
MrK’s Professional Reflections
Quantum Progress
Reflections of a teacher and a learner
Teaching Literacy in the Early Years
Speech Techie
The Nerdy Teacher
Think Thank Thunk
Turklish TEFL
Upside Down Education
Venture Pragmatist
Walt Gardner’s Reality Check
Webb’s Wide World
Whose Learning Is It Anyway?
Voting concludes shortly and am keen to find out who has set THE standard in the twenty-three award categories. I was interested to see that the twenty-third category is a Lifetime Achievement Award. There are some incredible bloggers here.
Alan Levine
Alec Couros
Bernie Dodge
Chris Betcher
Chris Lehmann
Dan Myer
Danah Boyd
Doug Johnson
Gary Stager
Gavin Dudeney
Howard Rheingold
Ira Socol
Jane Hart
Joseph Pisano
Joyce Valenza
Karl Fisch
Kevin Honeycutt
Kyle Pace
Larry Ferlazzo
Linda Yollis
Richard Byrne
Scott McLeod
Sean Banville
Sir Ken Robinson
Steve Hargadon
Sue Waters
Vicki Davis
Wesley Fryer
Will Richardson

There are twenty-four nominations for the Best Resource Sharing Blog:
Around the
Art is Messy
Bits and Pieces places
Box of Tricks
Bright Ideas
Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere
doug – off the record
El escaparate de Rosa
Free Technology for Teacher
I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down
iLearn Technology
InTec Insights
Jane’s Pick of the Day
Kirsten Winkler
Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites Of The Day
Librarian in Black
Moodle News
Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Nik’s Quick Shout
SCC English
Teacher Boot Camp
Technology Tidbits
The OLDaily
The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness
Videoonferencing Out on a lim
Web 2.0 Classroom Blog
I am surprised constantly by the reciprocal altruism of the blogosphere and am in awe of the contributions all of these nominees have made to 2010. It is very obvious to me that I have a lot of catch up reading to do.



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