Visiting Ballarat

I have an opportunity to visit the University of Ballarat this week and I am looking forward to meeting staff in the School of Human Movement and Sport Sciences.

The School is holding a two-day workshop and I have been invited to join them. I have prepared a presentation titled Edgeless Challenges and Opportunities. In my presentation I would like to discuss the ‘edgeless’ characteristics discussed by Robert E. Lang and Peter Bradwell in order to explore some possibilities for personal professional development. I think Charles Leadbeater’s ideas will help too.
I am fascinated by personal stories. I like the idea that “stories have consequences, but stories change, and how and why they do is the heart of the human enterprise”.

I aim to focus on the opportunities part of my presentation and explore some ideas around personal growth.
I am travelling from one old gold town to another for this workshop. I am travelling too from near the Monga National Park where pinkwoods (Eucryphia moorei) establish themselves in tree ferns as part of their growth process.

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