Billy Cart Derby 2

The inaugural Billy Cart Derby took place on Sunday at Braidwood, NSW. The weather was perfect.
The track was set up on the slope of Gillamatong Lane:

What I enjoyed about the day was the way many of the community groups in the town worked together to create a playful, fun event. The day was sponsored by the local Bendigo Bank and lots of local businesses and made possible by the work of the Lions Club and the SES.
The event had live commentary:

Volunteer cart pushers:

… and official speed records:

Lots of people came to watch. Families, friends and community groups shared billy carts. Many of the spectators were fascinated by the event and there was a real sense of fun. Next year will have considerably more entries and already there is a flurry of design ideas. Two big debates already: big wheels/small wheels; upright/recumbent.
The official photographs of the day can be found at this link. There is bound to be lots of news about the day in the Braidwood Times.


  1. Congratulations to the Lions Club and all the participants, we had a great day. It was such fun to see the pleasure that the children in particular had in taking part. The Big Kids had a ball too. We met some great people on the day and hope to be back if you hold it again. Our cart developed a brake problem which slowed us down, but we’ll be back, better and faster.


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