David Crawford's Review of Australian Sport: An Update

Last week I summarised some of the early response’s to the publication of the Independent Panel‘s Review of Australian Sport. This post updates further responses to the Report.

Crikey has aggregated some of the articles posted from 17-19 November.
A Wikipedia page appeared on 19 November.
Len Johnson discussed the Report in his post in the Runner’s Tribe on 20 November. Nick Bryant discussed ‘Thirsting for Gold’ in his post on the same day.
This is an SBS post from 21 November that quotes David Crawford.
Roy Masters discusses membership of the Australian Sports Commission Board in the Sydney Morning Herald on 21 November. He discusses ‘Fair go, sport’ in a separate article in the paper.

Rick Mitchell suggests in The Age ‘Want medals, fund coaches’ (22 November).
Tim Gavel interviewed David Crawford on ABC radio on 22 November.
Nicola Berkovic reported on 23 November that ‘AOC Chief Slams Minister’. This blog post, We’re Sports Mad appeared on the same day.
Jacquelin Magnay noted in The Age on 24 November that the ‘AOC prepares for legal action over report’. The ABC posted about the AOC’s concerns about funding measures in the Report.
David Gittens discussed his take on the Crawford Report in the Sydney Morning Herald on 25 November. In the Business section of the paper Saul Eslake discusses the ‘National Midas Touch’.
John Coates responded on 25 November to an article written by Malcolm Maiden on 20 November.
The AAP reported on 25 November that the Minister, Kate Ellis, has pledged to increase funding for Olympic and Paralympic sport. This was reported in The Australian too by Margie Macdonald.
Andrew Shaw discussed on 25 November some inclusion issues raised by the Report as did this blog post on homophobia.
The Australian Olympic Committee published an open letter to the Minister on 26 November.
This is a post in The Australian written by Nicole Jeffrey that leads with the headline ‘John Coates questions impartiality of five-member Crawford panel’ (27 November).
Doug Conway has written about the Report and a David Crawford interview in The Roar (27 November)

Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony
Munich, Olympic Games Tent
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  1. Is there an impartial space collecting public responses anywhere Keith? If not (I haven’t found one) Ben made a great suggestion yesterday.. UCNISS set up an online space for the Report that encourages, collects and syndicates responses.


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