Start Your Engines: David Crawford's Review of Australian Sport

The Independent Sport Panel appointed in August 2008 by the Minister for Sport, Kate Ellis, has delivered its report. Its task was to investigate ways of ensuring that Australia’s sporting system remains prepared for the challenges of the future. Its brief was to “look at sport at both the elite level and at the grassroots community level, as part of a top-to-bottom examination of Australian sport and will look for better ways to run, promote and manage sport in Australia”.
This is the Minister’s press statement about the report.
As one might expect there were some immediate responses to the report including this one. I am looking forward to writing about the report and am keen to explore what a 21st century sports system might look like in Australia. I believe it will be a connected sport system (Institute 4.0) and it will address its positioning in an edgeless space. These two themes have been important issues for me this year.



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