CCK09: Spring in the Air … and air in my tyres

Last year I was delighted to be involved in CCK08. Without being too dramatic the course transformed my life!
At the time I was working from home thinking about how someone with a fascination for learning might develop in rural Australia. Bandwidth at Mongarlowe is not great but at least I have access to satellite connectivity. This blog was developed as part of the course. I have been posting to it ever since.
I saw this picture recently and thought it was a great summary of my feelings during CCK08
What I discovered too is that there is an incredible group of people on other journeys in connectivism. Before, during and after CCK08 George Siemens and Stephen Downes have been my links to these journeys. I have a real sense of a CCK family and am looking forward to CCK09. This time I must get involved in Moodle!
The added bonus is that the arrival of CCK09 coincides with Springtime in Australia. The Daily arrives just in time for breakfast.
Photo Sources
Geen hulp voor Giusto Cerutti
People sitting on a large log across a gully in the rainforest at Spring Bluff
Spring Flowers, Mongarlowe


    • Link at the bottom. Found it in The Commons. 1928 Tour de France.
      I am sure you have had those kind of days too!
      Thanks for calling by, James.

    • Carmen
      It is delightful to catch up and to learn that carpooling is such fun. Definitely moths to flames time. I look forward to your posts this year they were one of my highlights of last year’s course.

  1. Great to be learning together again. And thanks for reminding …I was just about to wish only a good fall season for learning :). Looking forward


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