Performance Analysis Revisited 01

[slideshare id=1031599&doc=980925-are-we-all-performance-ana-1234749862966045-1]
In 1998 I was invited to present at the Fourth World Congress of Notational Analysis in Porto, Portugal. I was in the process of clarifying my understanding of notational analysis at that time and was exploring some ideas in narrative structure stimulated by Donald Polkinghorne’s Narrative Knowing and Human Sciences and Elliot Eisner‘s approaches to educational research.
The talk in Porto gave me the opportunity to share and develop these ideas. I regret that I was unable to present in Portuguese at that time or now. My hope was that the presentation would stimulate discussion about a vision for performance analysis. I think that was overly ambitious for a conference in Porto where many of the attendees had come to learn about analysing specific aspects of performance in sport. I do think that the ideas I presented have direct relevance to discussions today about performance analysis and how analysis is constructed and shared with coaches and athletes.
The emergence of SlideShare and the potential to add Slidecasts has been prompting me to think about sharing these ideas with those interested in performance analysis in sport. Throughout my career I have tended to share my ideas with audiences other than those in peer review journals. SlideShare has created an opportunity for a public sharing of these ideas.
I have embedded the presentation here in this blog post directly from SlideShare. I created the audio for the Slidecast with Audacity and then used Internet Archive to store the MP3 file and create a url for the Slidecast.
The written proceedings of the Fourth World Congress were published in 2001 (Hughes, M.D. and Tavares, F. (eds.) Notational Analysis of Sport – IV, Cardiff: UWIC).



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