CCK08: A Moodle Kind of Day!

One of my aims this week was to become involved in the CCK08 Moodle Forums. Stephen’s email alert (04:04:01 PM PDT) enabled me to do that today. I thought I was quick in as the 7th response (05:13 PM) to Stephen’s post.
I have been working at my computer for most of the day and so have read almost all of the 60 posts on the Forum following Stephen’s lead. The big plus for me is that I have read posts from course colleagues whom I have not seen before. The less exciting part has been having my MobileMe account refresh itself on virtually every click (Bandwith in rural Australia).
It is almost 11 p.m. here and I have just read Stephen’s post on The Daily and was prompted to post a comment. With wonderful irony I received this message

and realised how good it is to have an impish sense of humour.
My Moodle day ended as a recidivist back at the Forum to find this 59th post:

Perversely, I have enjoyed today. I noted Lani’s post and her take on the day and Jason’s response to the exercise of power. ( I saw Tom’s post too through The Daily link and Ariel’s post through the WordPress Tag Surfer.)
The day has been a didactic success for me. It has engaged me in Moodle and encouraged me to think about my ownership of my learning environment. I chose not to reply again to the thread to avoid adding to the in-boxes of co-CCK08 travellers.
I am on the road (physical and metaphorical) tomorrow (Wednesday) … but Twitter and tweeting is another goal for me this week. (In a dyslexic moment I almost wrote gaol).
Goodnight from Australia.


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