CCK08: Week 2 Grounded

This has been a fascinating week at CCK08. The second Elluminate session on Wednesday brought George, Stephen and Dave together. I read Dave’s paper before the session.
I am fortunate that this session takes place at 10 a.m. in Australia on Thursday morning. I have the whole day to reflect on the discussion. I am a keen gardener and the idea of a rhizome is of great interest! I discovered the Wikipedia stub on rhizome (philosophy) and the existence of a creative arts project.
I followed up the CCK08 tag on Technorati and noted the 5708 references to Connectivism and 1143 references to Networked Learning at (as of 20 September 2008).

Technorati graphic (accessed 20 September 2008)
It may be pushing the language of the first two weeks too far but I am intrigued by the links between the two elements air and earth. We are a digitally connected network that has a presence through our local rootedness. I have started to explore the contestability of connectivism in some of the blog posts but have spent a great deal of time thinking. I am very relaxed about the epistemological debate going on and realise that each of us will have a perspective grounded in our biography.
What a remarkable group of people on this course. It is Spring time here in Mongarlowe. I think the course is like my garden … blossoming through difference and sameness.


  1. It was nice to read your news about second Elluminate session – I just listened it afterwards in Finland.
    We have autumn and trees are full of colors yellow-red and so on. How can it be Spring??
    But I agree that it is Spring Time in our CCK08 course!


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