CCK08: Pre-Week 1

I have been trying to grasp the scale and momentum of a Massive Open Online Course.
I had to make an emergency visit to Sydney this week that coincided with Pre-Week 1 of the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course.
Whilst on the road, I read with great interest George Siemens’ post on 2 September … and prepared myself for Pre-Week 1. I viewed George’s video introduction. I managed to read the pre-readings, make a Moodle intoduction and write an introductory blog post. I added myself to Rodd Lucier’s Google map and was pleased to make my icon a pin on the map. I choose the same colour as the other place markers!
I missed the course elluminate and UStream tests on Wednesday and Friday but accessed the sites to check out what had been happening. I made my first visit to a Pageflakes site too. I worked my way through the course wiki.
A number of the tools in use on the course are new to me so I have been registering for them. I hope that I was able to give the correct feed for my WordPress blog, Clyde Street, to Emanuela Zibordi for her request about RSS.
In the midst of this my mobileme account seems to be behaving randomly and I am starting to appreciate the richness of Firefox as my preferred browser.
I am tracking posts with the CCK08 tag via WordPress’s Tag Surfer. As of this moment I have 23 blog posts to review.
What an action packed twelve weeks ahead!


  1. Hi Keith – sounds like you’re well on your way! I think we’ll end up with a broad range of participant skills. Some – such as yourself – that already have some comfort in the online space and working in distributed conversations will find the experience intuitive.
    And others won’t. I was reading your post and thinking “if I presenting this to an average educator, what would they understand”. RSS, Tag Surfer, Moodle, elluminate, ustream, google maps, etc. For many people, that sequence of words/concepts – never mind connectivism! – would seem inaccessible. Our goal with the course is to make the process you are going through more familiar to a wider audience of educators…
    Take care,


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