Wikipedia and the Paralympics

In late August this year I wrote in The Conversation about the HoPAU Project and the use of Wikipedia to share information about Paralympic athletes and teams.

This is my fourth post on Clyde Street to follow up on The Conversation post.

Following the London Paralympics (1 September)

Wikinews and Wikipedia at the London Paralympics (4 September)

Paralympic Conversations (11 September)

Team members from the HoPAU Project have shared some of the work undertaken during the Games.

Greg Blood notes that all the following pages have been updated:


All Australian medallists at the London Games have had their Wikipedia entries updated to include their medals.

Laura Hale discovered that Athlete Classification pages on Wikipedia received significant interest. For example, T37 and T38 had approximately 100,000 views.

Graham Pearce points out that the actual total number of views on Wikipedia may not be know as there was a problem with Wikipedia statistics from 3 to 10 September.

Notwithstanding the data difficulties, these were the kinds of views two athletes and a team received towards the end of the Games:

Jacqueline Freney

Matt Cowdrey:

The Steelers Wheelchair Rugby team:

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The Track Ahead

Wikinews and Wikipedia at the London Paralympics

Laura Hale and friends have been very busy at the Paralympic Games with their Wikinews reporting.

The amount of Wikinews and Wikipedia material available to refer to the Games is staggering. All my posts in The Conversation use Wikipedia links.

This is Jacqueline Freney’s profile in recent days:

and for Matt Cowdrey:

A group of dedicated Wikipedians is updating the profiles of athletes each day and including news of medal winners. The time difference in Australia from London means that all profiles are updated at 9 a.m. AEST.


A day after posting this I received an update from Laura Hale:

Complete list of Wikinews articles to date featuring original reporting at London 2012 Paralympics

This is the complete published list to date.  (We have about six articles awaiting review.)  Between them, I think over 75 countries are mentioned.  In some cases, a few countries have new articles that still have not had ten articles published about them since 2007.

They represent a wide swathe of Paralympic sports including athletics, track cycling, wheelchair basketball, shooting, goalball, judo, boccia, table tennis, equestrian, athletics, rowing, 5-a-side football, and 7-a-side football. (We have an article about wheelchair fencing awaiting review.) We have had four interviews published.  (We have one more awaiting review.)  We have covered the press angle, written about some of the behind the scenes things like the gym and equipment repair, and covered two press conference.  One article was picked up by a newspaper in Sierra Leone and printed in paper.

We have about five more days left, but really, really happy with what we havve had so far. A big round of thanks are heartily deserved to everyone who helped make this happen at the APC and Wikinews and Wikimedia Australia. 🙂  This work comes on top of making sure an article exists about every 2012 Australian Paralympian, taking at least 35 of those to the front page of Wikipedia, getting profile pictures donated by the APC for every 2012 Australian Paralympian for use on Wikipedia and Wikinews, creating articles that better explain Paralympic classification with that preparation work being done before the start of the Games.’s_2012_Paralympic_Games_flag-bearer’s_second_ever_Paralympic_Gamesôte_d’Ivoire’s_wheelchair_basketball_team_practices_ahead_of_2012_Summer_Paralympics’s_R2-10m_air_rifle_final’s_national_wheelchair_basketball_teams_play_in_their_2012_Paralympics_opener’s_national_wheelchair_basketball_team_loses_first_game_in_its_2012_Paralympic_campaign’s_national_goalball_team_defeats_Algeria_4-3’s_Powell_loses_to_Germany’s_Matthias_Krieger_in_judo_event_at_2012_Paralympics’s_Cynthia_Paige_Simon_loses_to_Spain_in_women’s_57kg_judo_quarter_finals’s_sitting_volleyball_in_straight_sets_at_2012_Summer_Paralympics’s_R2-10m_air_rifle_final’s_Richard_Csejtey’s_national_wheelchair_basketball_team_gets_its_first_win_of_London_Paralympics’s_Individual_C1-2-3_500m_Time_Trial,_Trischa_Zorn’s_national_goalball_team_loses_0-3_to_United_States_in_pool_play_in_London,_Australian_goalball_player’s_Alena_Kanova_defeats_Sara_Head,_taking_bronze_in_class_3_table_tennis,_Australian_Paralympic_wheelchair_basketball_medallist

Changeover Week

The welcome home Olympic parades have started in Australia just as Paralympians are preparing for the opening of the Paralympic Games in eight days time in London.

The official website for the Paralympic Games has detailed information about the schedule for the 21 sports in the program (29 August to 9 September).

The ABC is covering the Games in Australia.

This year’s Paralympic Games have a particular resonance with me. For the last twelve months or so I have been following an ambitious project to write a Wikipedia history of Australian Paralympians. As of 18 August, there were 190 articles available on Wikipedia, and they had been viewed a total of 114,949 times in the past month. In addition, there have been 19 Wikinews articles viewed a total of 17,281 times.

The project has been overseen by Tony Naar of the Australian Paralympic Committee. Tony is the first keynote speaker at a Disability Conference being held in Coventry later this week. His topic is Claiming and understanding the history of a movement – the Australian Paralympic history project. This is his Prezi presentation for the keynote.

I imagine Tony’s presentation will be illustrated with the APC’s remarkable collection of images. This month one of the newest members of the Wikipedia history project team, Tara McPhail, started to upload images from the 2011 Australian Paralympic Team processing sessions into Wikimedia Commons.

Laura Hale is going to report on the Games and has an excellent blog post about mobile reporting.

It is likely that the Games in London will see the award of Australia’s 1000th Paralympic medal. To date Australian Paralympians have won 960 medals at Paralympic Games.

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