Challenge Conference

I am in the United Kingdom this week.

I am taking part in the England and Wales Cricket Board’s Challenge Conference at St George’s Park. (I have started drafting a Prezi for my workshop.)

The Conference is being held over two days (17 and 18 October). I am looking forward to blogging about the event and seeing the new St George’s facility at first hand.

The program includes:

Day One

Hugh Morris, England Cricket Pathway and Strategy

Andy Flower and Steve Bull, Challenges and Conventions

Ralph Hippolyte and Bertrand Theraulaz, Introduction to the Action Type Approach

Andrew Strauss and Steve Bull, Leading to a Winning Environment


Day Two

Simon Timson Science and Medicine Update


Toni Minichiello Developing a World Champion

Ralph Hippolyte and Bertrand Theraulez, Practical Application of the Action Type Approach

The Conference website has links to these presentations. I am keen to learn more about Action Types and how they have been used in English cricket. (Postscript, Jeremy Frith has an excellent post about Ralph and Bertrand’s work.)

Photo Credit

The end of a long day (Graham Hartland)


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