Conversations and Cooperation in #UCSIA15

Introduction We are two months away from the start of the open online course Sport Informatics and Analytics (#UCSIA15). My colleagues in the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) at the University of Canberra and I are working to ensure that we have everything in place for the 23 February start date. The course is being … Continue reading Conversations and Cooperation in #UCSIA15

Personal Learning and Cooperation

I have missed (at least) two cMOOCs in the last month. I enjoyed reading Brian Kelly’s discussion of his assignment for the Hyperlinked Library MOOC. Participants in the course were asked to produce an Online Professional Learning Network (OPLN) that comprised: A Goals Statement A Defined Scope A Resource Network A Network Maintenance Plan Brian, a newly-appointed … Continue reading Personal Learning and Cooperation

Open Opportunities: Scaling Cooperation

We have had two extremely windy days in New South Wales. On Wednesday there was a state-wide total fire ban. This morning the winds of the Internet brought me a number of alerts that had me thinking about other kinds of fires … Plutarch‘s kindling kind. Stephen Downes started me on my journey with two … Continue reading Open Opportunities: Scaling Cooperation