If you had 53 minutes +

Introduction If you do have 53 minutes and would like to learn more about writing then I recommend this Steven Pinker video. The + in the title of the post refers to 30 minutes of questions and answers following Steven’s talk. Classic Style Steven discusses Francis-Noël Thomas and Mark Turner’s guide to writing classic prose. … Continue reading If you had 53 minutes +

#coachlearninginsport: our game?

Introduction The word happenchance delights me. It brings together coincidence, serendipity and synchronicity for me. Some time ago, I came across Seth Baker’s approach to Happenchance: Happenchance is for anyone who wants to do things better: creative people, adventurers, travelers, wanderers, and dreamers. Anyone who won’t settle for the status quo, who wants to rise … Continue reading #coachlearninginsport: our game?

Authentic Insights

Introduction Peter Berger, in his invitation to sociology (1963), wrote about “the curiosity that grips any sociologist in front of a closed door behind which there are human voices”. I have been fascinated by learning about these voices in education and in sport. In pre-Internet days, I enjoyed reading about the lives (voices) of teachers … Continue reading Authentic Insights