Off to Merici

On Monday, 14 May, I have an opportunity to visit Merici College, Canberra at the invitation of Dr Kathryn White. Kathryn is a science and engineering teacher and runs a series of visiting speakers for Merici students to share with them current Australian science research. My topic will be performance analysis in sport. I am … Continue reading Off to Merici

Connecting with sport at the crossroads of the world

This morning was one of those delightful, connecting mornings. We have had really good overnight rain in Braidwood. The air is cool … and my ADSL connection is working. I am usually up at 6am and ready to discover the treasure trove that is my online personal learning network. Each morning, I find myself at … Continue reading Connecting with sport at the crossroads of the world

Connecting Courses as Pathways

We are trying to find a range of learning pathways in performance analysis and analytics at the University of Canberra. I have written about our open courses and shared news of Jocelyn Mara’s Graduate Certificate in Sports Analytics. Roland Goecke is working on a Masters in Data Science. It is two-year full-time course. At present … Continue reading Connecting Courses as Pathways