#coachlearninginsport Everywhen experiences

I have been immersed in conversations with coaches for the last two weeks and have the opportunity for two more weeks of meeting coaches 1:1. This is my fifth year of conversations with this group of (twenty-five) coaches. Each time we meet a theme emerges that appears to resonate with them and me. On this … Continue reading #coachlearninginsport Everywhen experiences


Driving home from the National Library of Australia’s Innovative Ideas Forum 2009 I had the great good fortune to listen to a repeat of Radio National’s Late Night Live‘s discussion of W E H Stanner‘s work. One part of the discussion struck me forcefully. Phillip Adams asked one of his guests, Melinda Hinkson, about Stanner’s … Continue reading Everywhen

Mechanisms and Machineries

Mark Upton has posted his eighth fragment in his compelling discussion of sport systems. I am fascinated by Mark’s insights. His latest post coincides with the end of my visit to England (and Ireland) after a month of conversations with coaches. Mark’s theme resonates powerfully with the direction of our conversations. In his post Mark … Continue reading Mechanisms and Machineries