CCK08: Pre-Week 1

I have been trying to grasp the scale and momentum of a Massive Open Online Course.

I had to make an emergency visit to Sydney this week that coincided with Pre-Week 1 of the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course.

Whilst on the road, I read with great interest George Siemens’ post on 2 September … and prepared myself for Pre-Week 1. I viewed George’s video introduction. I managed to read the pre-readings, make a Moodle intoduction and write an introductory blog post. I added myself to Rodd Lucier’s Google map and was pleased to make my icon a pin on the map. I choose the same colour as the other place markers!

I missed the course elluminate and UStream tests on Wednesday and Friday but accessed the sites to check out what had been happening. I made my first visit to a Pageflakes site too. I worked my way through the course wiki.

A number of the tools in use on the course are new to me so I have been registering for them. I hope that I was able to give the correct feed for my WordPress blog, Clyde Street, to Emanuela Zibordi for her request about RSS.

In the midst of this my mobileme account seems to be behaving randomly and I am starting to appreciate the richness of Firefox as my preferred browser.

I am tracking posts with the CCK08 tag via WordPress’s Tag Surfer. As of this moment I have 23 blog posts to review.

What an action packed twelve weeks ahead!


I am in Sydney for a few days. I am staying in a hotel with views of the Sydney skyline.

I think this is a good metaphor for the about-to-start CCK08 course. I woke early to find a number of messages about the course, including Rodd Lucier’s Google Map of course participants.

I am staying on the thirteenth floor of the hotel and have a great panorama of Sydney. This is what CCK08 feels like and Rodd’s map brought it home to me what a global perspective the course will offer.

It was remarkable last night seeing the Moodle introductions grow whilst I was on-line. Same for the Map.

I do feel connected … particularly using WordPress’s Tag Surfer for CCK08.

IASI in Canberra 2009

The International Association for Sports Information (IASI) is holding its 13th World Congress in Canberra in March 2009. The National Sport Information Centre (NSIC), a program of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), is the host for the Congress.

I have been invited to be a keynote speaker in Strand 2 (‘Electronic Sport Information Resource Sharing’) of the Congress. The title of my talk is ‘A Fourth Age’ and my aim is to discuss approaches to information sharing that are characterised by ‘connectivism‘ and energised by the approaches Stephen Downes and George Siemens promote and develop.

I was asked to provide some personal background information for the Conference website. Given the nature of my talk I have used WordPress to host this information. Although I posted this first on 12 August 2008 my introduction to you here will continue to change. (For example, in December I added a page entitled ‘Nourishment’ to provide links to a range of authors and at the same time changed my ‘Introduction’.)

Examples of my interest in Resource Sharing are ‘Connecting, Sharing and Growing‘, ‘Personal Learning Environments‘ and, Semantic Technologies‘.

This is my video introduction to you. I have posted it on a GoYoDeo channel. I have some biographical information here and a list of some of my publications too.

This is an example of a wiki community in which I am involved. The wiki is providing opportunities for a community of practice to explore the Fourth Age. (You might find Gene Schembri’s wiki of interest too.)

I look forward to seeing you in Canberra in 2009.

Additions to the post:

31 August: I discovered Posterous earlier this week and used it to post my video introduction to you. This is my page on Posterous.

31 August: I used Google Video to host my video introduction to you. I have been using the Beta version to share videos about Officiating in canoe slalom. You will find these in the ‘More from User’ tab.

1 September: I used Iterasi to record this post on 31 August. This is the link to the saved page.

6 September: My first post in this blog for the CCK08 course

15 November: My facebook link

17 November: I opened a Netvibes account to explore some of the functionality I had seen elsewhere in Pageflakes.

1 December: I am participating in a PBwiki project ‘Top Web 2.0 Tools’ with Jenni Parker.

9 December: I have developed a Ning site for another conference to be held at the AIS later in 2009. My aim is to explore some of the powerful social network tools available.

9 December: This is the Technorati link to this blog.

23 January: This is the abstract I have submitted to IASI

23 January: I have stored audio files of the abstract in Box.Net (Wav file here and aiff file here)

23 January: This is an MP3 version of the abstract (I used a third party add on for Audacity to create the MP3 audio)

7 March: This is my draft presentation shared through SlideShare with a SlideCast