IACSS09: Opening Keynote Address Arnold Baca

The IACSS09 Symposium has opened in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). Professor Peter Fricker, Director of the AIS, made the formal welcome address.

Professor Arnold Baca presented his perspectives on What to Expect in the Next Four Years of Computer Science in Sport in his keynote opening address.


Arnold welcomed guests to 7th Symposium in his role as President of IACSS. His presentation covered the following areas:

  • Introduction
  • Current trends
  • Trends in Computer Science
  • Megatrends: ubiquitous computing and data analysis
  • Expectations

Arnold’s presentation:

Coaching, Composition, Ecology and Big Pictures

Last week I was involved in a lot of discussions about coaching and coach development. For years I have been thinking about the vision that links people after reading an Arthur Koestler paper in the late 1980s entitled The Vision that Links the Poet, Artist and Scientist.


This week I have been thinking about the links between coaching and composition following a Graham Abbott program about Mozart. In 1788 he composed his last three symphonies, 39 (in E flat), 40 (in G minor)  and 41 (in C). In his analysis of these three symphonies Graham Abbott suggests that one refers back to the whole of Mozart’s work, one emphasises Mozart’s present occupations and one holds within it the next century of classical music. I was wondering if that is what great coaches do too in their coaching. Do they have three concurrent rhythms running through their work: the biography that positioned them to coach in the here and now and that allows them to envisage performance that can be?


By coincidence the Hubble Telescope was in the news last week. I wondered if coach education and development might set some Hubble type aspirations:

  • NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is back in business, ready to uncover new worlds, peer ever deeper into space, and even map the invisible backbone of the universe.
  • With its new imaging camera, Hubble can view galaxies, star clusters, and other objects across a wide swath of the electromagnetic spectrum, from ultraviolet to near-infrared light. A new spectrograph slices across billions of light-years to map the filamentary structure of the universe and trace the distribution of elements that are fundamental to life. The telescope’s new instruments also are more sensitive to light and can observe in ways that are significantly more efficient and require less observing time than previous generations of Hubble instruments.
  • Hubble also is now significantly more well-equipped to probe and further characterize the behavior of dark energy, a mysterious and little-understood repulsive force that is pushing the universe apart at an ever-faster rate.

If this kind of vision is what coaching is about then I think coaching is about first principles too. I wondered if the insights coaches have match those of a soil scientist like Christine Jones and an innovative farmer like Cam McKellar who appeared on Radio National’s Bush Telegraph program. If you have an opportunity to listen to the podcast then it will sound very familiar to coaches interested in grassroots development!


I am hopeful that the visions held by composers, astronomers and farmers can enrich our thinking about coaching.

Photo Sources (The Commons)

The St Raphael Team

An Orchestral Practice

Hubble Image

Planting Tomatoes

CCK09: Spring in the Air … and air in my tyres

Last year I was delighted to be involved in CCK08. Without being too dramatic the course transformed my life!

At the time I was working from home thinking about how someone with a fascination for learning might develop in rural Australia. Bandwidth at Mongarlowe is not great but at least I have access to satellite connectivity. This blog was developed as part of the course. I have been posting to it ever since.

I saw this picture recently and thought it was a great summary of my feelings during CCK08


What I discovered too is that there is an incredible group of people on other journeys in connectivism. Before, during and after CCK08 George Siemens and Stephen Downes have been my links to these journeys. I have a real sense of a CCK family and am looking forward to CCK09. This time I must get involved in Moodle!


The added bonus is that the arrival of CCK09 coincides with Springtime in Australia. The Daily arrives just in time for breakfast.


Photo Sources

Geen hulp voor Giusto Cerutti

People sitting on a large log across a gully in the rainforest at Spring Bluff

Spring Flowers, Mongarlowe