In an interview published this week, Stephen Downes discusses connectivism. He observes: knowledge is the organization of connections in a network of interconnected entities, where a connection is a link such that a change of state in one entity can result in a change of state in another entity. Later in the interview, Stephen discusses … Continue reading Gleaning

Connecting with sport at the crossroads of the world

This morning was one of those delightful, connecting mornings. We have had really good overnight rain in Braidwood. The air is cool … and my ADSL connection is working. I am usually up at 6am and ready to discover the treasure trove that is my online personal learning network. Each morning, I find myself at … Continue reading Connecting with sport at the crossroads of the world

Connecting, Curating and Contemplating

Introduction I have participated remotely in two conferences in the last two weeks. Last week it was Ascilite2016. This week it was Moodleposium2016. I followed both conferences from my home in rural New South Wales. My proximity to the local telephone exchange means that I can access an ADSL2+ service. There is a lot of … Continue reading Connecting, Curating and Contemplating