AFL 2014: After Round 8


Round 8 has been completed in the 2014 AFL Competition.

West Coast had a very big win over GWS in this Round.

It was the first bye week. Six games were played.

The teams with a bye this week were: Geelong, Richmond, Collingwood, North Melbourne, Adelaide and the Gold Coast.

After eight Rounds, the average points gap per game between winners and losers is:


One of the performance indicators that interests me is the score at the end of the Third Quarter.

In Round 8, four teams overcame end of Third Quarter deficits to win: Port Adelaide (8 points v Fremantle), Western Bulldogs (5 points v Melbourne), Essendon (4 points v Brisbane) and Sydney (3 points v Hawthorn.

So far this season there have been eleven occasions when a team has overcome a Third Quarter deficit to win.

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Back in play (dannebrog, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

AFL Round 4: Mind the Gap


Round 4 of this season’s AFL competition had some very big winning margins.

Port Adelaide defeated Brisbane by 113 points, Hawthorn defeated Gold Coast by 99, Adelaide defeated St Kilda by 86, and Geelong defeated West Coast by 75.

Melbourne and Adelaide had their first wins of the season. Carlton and Brisbane are yet to win.

The Western Bulldogs overcame an eight point deficit at the end of the Third Quarter to defeat GWS.

West Coast scored 32 points in their defeat and did not kick a goal after the First Quarter.

The profile of average points scored by winners and losers in each Quarter in Round 4 was:

WL Rd4

Over the four Rounds played to date, the average winning and losing scores at the end of each Quarter are:

Av R4

The average gap between winners and losers widened in Round 4 compared to earlier Rounds. The margin was 62 points.

WL Av 4

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Dockers scored a goal (Kelly Underwood, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Still in Flux: NRL 2014 Round 5


The first five weeks of the 2014 NRL season have been very hard to predict.

Based on 2013 rankings at the end of the regular season, the trends in performance are:


Normally, if there is a carry over effect of previous year’s rankings, my colour scheme has the top half of the table mainly in green and the bottom half mainly in blue with this legend:

NRL Legend

In 2013, after Round 5, these were the results:

NRL13 5

The green/blue effect is much more visible here.

The 2014 Ladder after Round 5 is:

Ladder 5


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Match de NRL (Laurent, CC BY-ND 2.0)