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AudioBoo at IASI 2011

I found AudioBoo through a Diigo link. I am going to try out this online audio capture at the IASI Workshop in Leipzig. I noticed that AudioBoo is one of three online recording tools discussed by Wesley Fryer in his recent post. (The other two are Ipadio and Cinch). My introductory AudioBoo can be found here. This is thw WordPress embedded audio player.

Point of Departure: Food for Thought 1.1 (W to S)

I have been away enjoying the Australian summer but I have been thinking about this post for some time. Last year I posted a list of the sites that nourish my thinking about teaching, learning and educational technology. During 2009 I am going to write about these sites as a synthesis of themes and links. I hope to post once a week to capture something of a week's news and discussions. It is my way of responding to and contributing to communities of practice that are growing by sharing (Kim Marshall, Beth Kanter and Richard Byrne are the most...