Discussing a Teaching Nursing Home Bid

We are discussing a bid for a Teaching Nursing Home at the University of Canberra today.

The discussions are being hosted and facilitated by Laurie Grealish.

Laurie has been working with Leigh Blackall to develop a Wikiversity page for the bid.

What has delighted me about the day has been the use of a Wikiversity open access page and Leigh’s use of UStream to webcast proceedings and MeetingWords to note discussion points..

There are a number of community groups involved in the workshop and it seems to me that the openness of the bid is a great model for community sharing and consumer directed care. This blog post is a contribution to that sharing.

The program for the day is:

13.00 Welcome, introductions 

Overview of the forum


Associate Professor Laurie Grealish, Chair
1315 UC and Engagement with the Capital Region Mr Lewis Jones, Executive Director, Office of Development, University of Canberra 


1330 Ageing and aged care in Australia Professor Diane Gibson, Dean Faculty of Health, University of Canberra 


1350 Preliminary work: Issues in residential aged care & Teaching Nursing Home Models Associate Professor Laurie Grealish 


1410 What could be done in the ACT Capital Region within a formal collaborative framework, known as the Teaching Nursing Home? 


Small group work
1440 Reporting back and discussion 


15.00 Afternoon tea 


15.15 What possible hurdles may exist? How might we address them at this early planning stage? 


Small group work
15.45 Reporting back and discussion 


16.10 Summary of the day: Where to next Associate Professor Laurie Grealish, Chair

Considering Intellectual Property

This Friday (11 June), the Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra is hosting a mini conference to discuss intellectual property. Leigh Blackall and James Neill are leading the conference organisation and providing rich information about it through Wikiversity.

I am looking forward to facilitating discussion at the conference. There is a fascinating line up of speakers and attendees. I had been thinking about using ScribbleLive but will use Twitter #UCIP for updates. I hope to blog live too but will see! The Wikiversity page will have all the news!

For those who would like to follow a live stream of the event please see this Ustream channel.

If you wish to attend the conference is in University of Canberra (North Access) Building 6, Level B, Room 45 (6B45). Location map.

Photo Credit

Afterwards Tom and Eric weren’t exactly sure at which point during their discussion the elephant had entered the room


I was very surprised to see that David Blackwell’s picture did not appear frequently in the Google images (I found it in a Flickr Creative Commons search). There is one link to it deep in the Google search pages. I think it is a great picture and am delighted that it includes this sign.