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I happened upon Martin Weller's blipfoto account a few weeks ago. I really enjoy his insights on all matters edtechie ... and sport. blipfoto struck a chord with me thanks to Martin. I signed up for a free account and have upgraded it to full membership. I am a late adopter of a great resource. (There is an excellent Wikipedia page about blipfoto and Joe Tree and a detailed blog post.) So far I have managed 22 entries and have met a remarkable community of sharers. I hope the combination of ThingLink and blipfoto gives me a great way to explore thick visual description. I...

Narration and Narrative Form

I received a Twitter alert overnight from Darrell Cobner (@CPAUWIC) https://twitter.com/CPAUWIC/status/381782446309916672 Darrell and I have been exchanging ideas about performance analysis as story telling and story sharing. (I posted some thoughts about this last week in What Counts?) I was interested to learn that Darrell was sharing some Harold Jarche insights from What's Working and What's Not Working in Online Training. Harold points out that "Today, content capture and creation tools let people tell their own stories and weave these together to share in their networks. It’s called 'narrating your work'". He adds that: The public narration of what...

Bobby Pearce #ThingLink

A tweet from @HistoricalPics reminded me about the functionality of ThingLink. The image shared in the tweet now has additional information. If you place your cursor the picture below you will learn more about Bobby Pearce with the links embedded in the picture. There is a ThingLink Slideshare with more information about the functionality. I am using the ThingLink plugin for a self hosted WordPress site.

Another Introductory Look at the Australian Sports System

I have been thinking about problem based learning this week. This SlideCast presentation is another look at the information I have shared with students a few weeks ago in advance of our meeting today at the University of Canberra. My aim is to use three topical issues (Essendon, Lance Armstrong, Soccer Match Fixing) to adduce the power of the generic skills that underpin the course and this unit. Rather than embed the presentation here I thought I would use ThingLink to connect resources.  


I have spent the late afternoon looking at ThingLink. I have uploaded an image of Donald Bradman onto my ThingLink page. I am working on each image in WordPress becoming a ThinkLink. For the moment, if you visit the Donald Bradman picture at this link you should see three icons when you hover over the picture. (I have uploaded the PlugIn for ThingLink for a self-hosted WordPress blog so you should see the effect here too.) The arrow over the bat provides information about the picture, the bottom left links to the Wikipedia page about Donald Bradman and the top right...


I have been thinking about learning environments and how personal learning networks develop. In the last week, I seem to have had increasing access to resources and ideas. I regard Clyde Street as a place for me to blend these in a very personal way. The more I try to blend my learning experiences the more I am fascinated by everyone else's learning experiences. I am excited by the ways my long standing interests in figurational sociology and personal construct psychology are being energised by connectivist approaches to learning ... in a time of transition from stocks of authoritative knowledge to...