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Conversation Pieces

I have had an opportunity to write a number of articles for The Conversation in recent months. These include an item about the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. I wrote about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil too. The football posts included: A discussion about predictions of the World Cup winner. A discussion of home advantage. An explainer about World Football Elo Ratings. An explainer about goal-line technology. A discussion about video replay and the spirit of sport. A post about penalty shoot outs. An evaluation of Germany and Argentina. Photo Credits Queen's Baton Relay Renfrew (Paisley Scotland, CC BY 2.0) Panorama Maracana Stadium (Jimmy Baikovicius, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Writing About #WorldCup2014 01

I am delighted to be on of the columnists for The Conversation's coverage of #WorldCup2014. My first post is about Home Advantage. The other columnists writing during #WorldCup2014 are: Emma Sherry Andy Ruddock Andrew Self Keith Parry Jorge Knijnik Michael Courts and Belinda Smith of The Conversation are guiding us through the writing process. Today, Andy Ruddock has written about The Banality of the World Cup and Jorge Knijnik on The World Cup in Brazilians' daily lives. Photo Credit Neymar and Dani Alves at a pre-World Cup training camp (The Conversation) Postscript One of the delights of sharing openly is the insights I gain from others about the ideas that interest me. Simon...

Paralympic Classifications

This week I had an opportunity to write an 'explainer' for The Conversation about Winter Paralympic Classification. I am hopeful that it is a reasonable explanation of the process and outcomes of classification. It includes a discussion of the Factor System in use too. I wrote an explainer for the Summer Paralympics in 2012. Photo Credits Frame Grabs (Winter Paralympics Explainer, Summer Paralympics Explainer)


Introduction I was asked by The Conversation today to comment on a study reported by researchers at Victoria University. The paper was titled High-Intensity Re-Warm-Ups Enhance Soccer Performance. It was published recently in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. I think my comments may be abbreviated so I thought I would include my full response here. Re-Warm-Up A distinguished research team (James Zois, David Bishop, Kevin Ball and Rob Aughey) at Victoria University has come up with a thought-provoking proposition for team sport coaches: high-intensity re-warm-ups enhance performance. I find their proposal intuitively attractive. I used an approach to re-warm-up with teams I coached in...

Paralympic Conversations

I have really enjoyed writing posts for The Conversation during the Paralympics. My final post was published today:

Oscar and Alan

I spent a good part of today thinking about the issues arising from yesterday's men’s 200m – T44 final at the Paralympic Games. The Conversation posted this article on some of this discussion. Brendan Burkett in an article for the British Journal of Sports Medicine helped me clarify my thinking. He pointed out that: athletes depend on their prostheses in order to run, and so the prostheses are essential for performance; however, based on the mechanical analysis alone, these same aids could be considered performance enhancement. (My emphasis) I thought I would go to some of the literature on Usain Bolt to focus...

Following the London Paralympics

I am really enjoying the London Paralympics. I like the atmosphere created by the ABC's coverage of the Games. I am very impressed by the quality of the official Paralympic Games website. The Conversation has a section dedicated to the Games. Overnight I read Senator Kate Lundy's blog post about Capturing Paralympic History. Senator Lundy is the Australian Federal Minister of Sport. Kate linked to the Wikipedia information page about the History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia and the National Library of Australia's Oral History Project. One of the HOPAU Wikipedians, Greg Blood, is updating the following pages during the Games: Australia_at_the_2012_Summer_Paralympics (adding medallists...

A Conversation Post: Olympic Predictions and Actual Performance

The Conversation has published this evening my follow up post to a pre-Games post about medal predictions.

Odds On: Betting at the 2012 Olympics

The Conversation has a great range of posts about the London Olympics. I am delighted that a post I wrote has been included in today's Conversation.


The Conversation has an Olympics 2012 page. I am delighted that this morning the page has published And the winner is ...? This is my first Conversation article. It was made possible by Jane Rawson's interest and editing skills. The Twitter feed for The Conversation's Olympic coverage is @TCOlympics